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Grand Junction Check Engine Light Repair

Getting into your car to see that the check engine light has appeared can be stressful - we have all been there. The most important thing that you can do is don’t stress, and bring your car into the professionals here at Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair for an evaluation. Let our expert technicians properly identify the issue at hand, provide you with the solutions necessary to restore your vehicle, and take the stress of your car troubles away!

When the check engine light turns on, it’s your car’s way of letting you know that it has detected an issue. Modern vehicles are equipped with an on-board diagnostics system which helps monitor its performance overall. When something goes awry, a sensor will trigger your car’s computer system to alert you. The problem could be as small as a loose gas cap, or it could be a more serious issue such as a bad catalytic converter. The only way to truly understand the cause is through computer diagnostics.

Here at our Grand Junction auto repair shop, we offer complete computer diagnostics solutions using state-of-the-art equipment and tools. Our ASE master certified technicians can perform diagnostics on all makes and models of vehicles. This process includes using our equipment to plug into your vehicle, which in turn will provide us with an error code. Once we have this code, we can cross-check it with manufacturer bulletins and perform further inspection of your vehicle to pinpoint the repair or service that is needed.

When your car’s check engine light turns on, don’t stress! Bring your vehicle into professional mechanics and technicians here at Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair for computer diagnostics in Grand Junction, CO. Call us with any questions or schedule a visit online today! 

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