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Monthly Archives: May 2022

Why Does My Car Keep Stalling?

Why Does My Car Keep Stalling?

While cars can stall for different reasons, it's not something to take lightly. A car that stalls when driving can put you and your passengers at risk no matter where it happens. If it stalls on a busy highway, you can get in a severe accident, and even if it's in slow traffic, you may get rear-headed. Therefore, it's essential to know why your car keeps stalling and what to do if it happens. Common Causes of Car Stalling Here are various reasons why your car may keep stalling: Empty Fuel Tank An empty fuel tank can lead to a car stalling. This is because your engine requires fuel to run. Bad Fuel Pump Your fuel pump transmits fuel from the gas tank to the engine, powering your car. If the pump is not working, your engine fails, resulting in car stalling. Faulty Fuel Filters A fuel filter keeps debris, dust, rust, and dirt from getting into the combustion compartment. Over time, it may get clogged, preventing fuel from entering the combustion chamber. It may also af ... read more

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