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Monthly Archives: May 2021

What is a Head Gasket Leak?

What is a Head Gasket Leak?

Head gaskets are vital to the health of an automotive engine. The head gasket is located between the cylinder and the engine block. The thermodynamic processes of internal combustion are contained by the head gasket. With the head gasket perfectly sealed, coolant and oil can travel throughout the engine to thoroughly cool and lubricate. The head gasket also seals the combustion chamber. Securing the combustion chamber produces enough power to propel the vehicle. The sealed combustion chamber also prevents damaging gases from entering the exhaust system. Head gasket failure or a leak in the head gasket is detrimental to engines and exhaust systems. Head gaskets are produced from layers of steel entwined with a material called elastomer. This combination of materials makes the head gasket ultra-resilient and long-lasting. Another essential function of the head gasket is keeping all the pressure created from ignition confined to the combustion chamber. A lack of pressure in the combust ... read more

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