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Monthly Archives: March 2022

Is It Important to Change Brake Fluid?

Is It Important to Change Brake Fluid?

If you know your vehicle well, you know that it has brake fluid in the brake system that ensures your brakes have the power needed to stop your vehicle. Brake fluid is crucial for working brakes, and it begs the question, is it important to change brake fluid and if so, when does it need to be done? There is no set time to change the brake fluid in your vehicle. The timing varies by type of car, the driving conditions you typically encounter, and the manufacturer's recommendations. But a good rule of thumb is to check it during regular oil changes, and expect to change it every four to five years. An expert mechanic can give you more detailed information regarding when a brake fluid exchange or brake bleed should be completed. When you don't change your brake fluid, your car's braking capabilities can be hindered. Typically, brake fluid needs to be changed when it becomes contaminated. It can absorb moisture through bad seals, which reduces its efficiency. Due to this rea ... read more

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