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Monthly Archives: February 2021

Should You Try Not to Brake Hard to Avoid Damaging Your Brakes?

Should You Try Not to Brake Hard to Avoid Damaging Your Brakes?

Your brakes are one of the largest safety components you have on your vehicle. And, unlike an airbag, you use the brakes each and every time you drive. Most drivers have had to get a little heavy with the braking system at some point or another. Everyone has had someone pull out in front of them or has tried to stop short when a light turns red suddenly. But should you make those fast stops a habit? Absolutely not. It can actually damage the brakes. When you slam on the brakes, you are making the brakes work fast and furious instead of easing them into what you need done. The brake pads are meant to be gradually depressed onto the other parts. When they are pushed down hard and fast over and over again, they wear a lot faster. When your brakes wear, they will start to take more time to work. That can be dangerous, especially if you really do need to stop quickly. Stopping fast can also cause other damage to other parts of your vehicle. You can reduce your gas mileage, for example, wh ... read more

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