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Monthly Archives: August 2021

How To Steer Through Traffic Like a Gold Medalist

How To Steer Through Traffic Like a Gold Medalist

With the Summer Olympic Games going on, you're likely occupied by watching the abilities of our country's top contenders. Whether you've been mesmerized by the gymnasts, sprinters, or racers, you've observed athletes move swiftly and gracefully in their events. When it comes to driving in road traffic, speed and poise are just as valuable of skills to have. When you get in a traffic jam, channel your inner Suni Lee and overcome your commute with these safe-driving pointers!    Tip #1 - Stay sharp and alert. It's tempting to daydream and let your mind slip away in the middle of traffic. However, you don't see three-time gold medalists lose their focus before a big event, do you? It would help if you always were observant and in tune with your surroundings to handle any unforeseen circumstances that may head your way.   Tip #2 - Use your turn signal when switching lanes.  Like sports, you want your "teammates" in traffic to know ... read more

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