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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Road Trip Games To Keep Your Whole Family Entertained

Road Trip Games To Keep Your Whole Family Entertained

A family road trip is something to get excited about! But it's a long trip, a small space, and everyone is bound to get restless. When you're spending so much time on the road you have to get creative when it comes to keeping everybody entertained. Lucky for you, we've put together some games you can play in the car that'll keep the spirit of a fun family road trip alive! I-Spy I spy with my little eye the most classic road trip game ever! This game has been around for a while and for a good reason. It's simple, requires no supplies, and keeps everybody entertained and engaging with each other. A timeless pick for family fun. Two Truths and a Lie This is a fun game that's cheeky in nature and helps you learn new things about the people you're playing with. Since you're playing with family, it might be difficult to trip anyone up with a lie but you never know -- people can surprise you! The Alphabet Game In this road trip game, someone takes a turn ... read more

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