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4 Apps Every Driver Should Know About

The smartphone has become a more prominent part of our lives; we use it morning, day, night, and even while we drive. Every day, new apps get created to make our lives a little easier (or more complex, depending on how you look at it). Today, we're going to go over some of our favorite car-related apps that drivers can use to save them time, money, or both.

#1: Waze

Waze is arguably one of the best navigational apps to ever exist. Not only can it point you to your desired destination, but this convenient app lets you know of all sorts of traffic conditions, including police traps, potholes, roadkill, stopped vehicles, and more. Other drivers submit real-time data, so you can be alerted instantaneously of what to look out for in the road ahead. 

#2: Spothero

This app is a must-have for every city driver as it helps you scope out the best prices for parking lots and garages. It also lets you reserve and prepay for spots ahead of time.

#3: Gasbuddy

With gas prices skyrocketing nowadays, you can seriously save some coin using Gasbuddy. This app not only shows you the closest gas stations around, but it can help you narrow down to find the cheapest gas prices in your area. The prices are typically uploaded by the app's many users or the gas station owner. You also have the option to join the app's pay program, which allows you to save up to five cents per gallon at select pumps.

#4: MileIQ

If your work requires you to put miles on the road, this great app lets you easily track and document your driving distance. 


We hope some of these recommendations help you out on the road. If you need auto maintenance or repairs, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair.

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